This is a super-short post just to highlight one comment making the rounds on Twitter: As Colin Wright pointed out, what is meant by “forced puberty” here is growing up, a body undergoing the entirely natural changes nearly every body has undergone as long as the human race has…
Christians and the clock, progressives and teenage pregnancy, AI and the end of the world, and the Tower of Babel America
Plus a tiny bit of US = late Roman Empire at the end
On Saturday, on Twitter, I responded to a video advertisement I happened to see that warned that a certain medication could be dangerous for “people…
Or, "David says something about the progressive technocracy again"
The gas stove kerfuffle is actually a great example of this phenomenon
The article below was tossed at another publication a couple of weeks ago, but went unpublished by them… which is fine, but I decided to drop it here…
FUTURE CONTENT NOTICE for y’all homeschooling people, anyway - I wanted to mention that I am working, as a side-project, on what I am envisioning as a…
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